BEZPŁATNA WYSYŁKA - Przy zamówieniach powyżej 300zł

Purchasing procedure in English

Welcome to our store

I will show you the path of buying goods in our store.

When you are sure to purchase products in our store, you can:

1. You send to us an email: [email protected] , with no of a shawl and an address for shipping it.

We will send you information about the form of payment for the product, bank account number in EUR or USD or CHF.


2. You go through the purchase procedure in the online store:

2.1 You select a product by clicking on it,

2.2 You click add to cart – „DODAJ DO KOSZYKA”,

2.3 You look in the upper right hand corner, button for cash, „DO KASY ”,

3.4 You click it,

2.5 The cart

2.5.1 You check if in the cart are your selected products,

2.5.2 If yes, you should next click „DALEJ ”,

2.6 Shipping and payment section

2.6.1 You fill out the data for shipping „Proszę wybrać miejsce dostarczenia przesyłki”, You should fill out the data for shipping, Country, Name, Surname, Address, Post code, City, email, phone number or mobile number, mark it the shipping to the same address „Wysyłka na ten sam adres?”, Comments to order „Uwagi do zamówienia”,

2.6.2 Delivery method – Please select the preferred delivery method for this order „Sposób dostawy – Proszę wybrać preferowaną metodę dostawy dla tego zamówienia”, Personal collection „Odbiór osobisty”, Letter of payment, prepayment: „Przesyłka listowa wartościowa, przedpłata”, Courier: „Kurier”,

2.6.3 Payment method – Please select your preferred payment method for this order. „Metoda płatności – Proszę wybierz preferowaną metodę płatności dla tego zamówienia.” , (only in PLN, money will be transferred to PLN) , Local polish payment method and psp, ( ” Dotpay Dotpay ” ,  ( POSSIBILITY OF PAYMENT WITH CREDIT CARD ) Bank transfer to our account „Przelew na konto ”, Courier, payment to courier „Kurier, pobranie ”,(  not available for foreign purchases )

2.7 You submit your order „ZŁÓŻ ZAMÓWIENIE ”.

This is the full procedure of buying goods in our shop.